AI Classification Suggestions

I am using the classification feature a lot in DT, mostly with success. Here are a few minor annoyances which would really help with my workflow:

  • Utilize the file name and e-mail subjects for auto-classification (it appears currently only the document body is analyzed). There was another recent post I think requesting this.

  • When I select multiple files, use the data from all of them to suggest the best common folder. Using classification is a lot faster than manually moving them all, and classification usually gets them all correct individually, so it seems like it would give an accurate suggestion looking at all of them.

  • A way to “auto-classify” my entire inbox, then review the results and selectively “undo” certain classifications which were incorrect. I currently don’t use auto-classify because it takes more time to go back and fix the maybe 10% incorrectly filed files rather to just go through the inbox one at a time.

Thanks for the suggestions! It’s at least planned to use additional metadata (e.g. name or comment) in the future too.

I agree with all requests !

And i would be happy if in the classify window, you could navigate via a “search” field to a group .

For exemple, if it happens, for an invoice, that DTPO doesn’t suggest at all “Electricity” -subgroup in “myhouse”-group, it would be great to have a field where you type “ele”
and at once, this shows all groups with “ele” in its name (group “myhouse/electricity”, group “wild animals/elephants”)

In fact, i would like to have the same search field as in the Finder, but in the DTPO-Window…

There is a plugin for Launchbar posted on here that has that functionality, I believe. I’m not a Launchbar user so I haven’t tried it.

But I totally agree that would be a great addition! Right click -> Move is a slow solution for those few files the AI doesn’t classify right. Another solution is the “show groups & tags” or opening a second window, both which work OK. Auto-complete search/classification would be ideal.

That’s definitely planned for future releases.

+1 for all of the suggestions mentioned