AI Question

The scenario is that I have emails imported in to my DTPO Global Group using Hazel and these emails then need to be distributed to various groups in different databases based on either from whom they originate or content—it does not matter, either will do. At the moment AI is not making any suggestions as to which Group to move them to, see below.
Fig. 2.jpg

The Group I generally want the majority of emails to go to does contain similar items, see below.
Fig. 1.jpg

I would appreciate any help on how to get AI to suggest suitable destinations. Cheers.

Classify and See Also suggestions are limited to the current database. It is not currently possible for DEVONthink to classify across multiple databases. Are the email message subjects unique enough that Hazel can reliably move the messages to the correct databases?

Thanks Greg. It would be good if this facility could be incorporated in the future. Yes I can tweak Hazel to move it to the correct database, just being lazy about it!!! :confused: