Aid in Selecting Scanner

My wife wants/needs a scanner, specifically to use in conjunction with DT. Since last year I’ve gotten a low-tech user to the point where she absolutely loves DT and wants to use it regularly in collecting information from the newspaper. The physical paper thing: Newspaper.

So she tears out chunks and wants to put them on a flatbed, push a button and have them appear in DT, OCR’d and all, where she names them and files them. Can this be done with any of the low-end Cannons or HP all-in-ones? We were looking today at the Canon MX860.

If not, specifically what feature/option am I looking for that will make this easy? I know the SnapScan seems to be the preferred machine, but it costs a bit much for us.

– Gerry

Judging from user comments on the forum, the drivers and software provided for Canon scanners are likely to work well with DTPO2 whereas those supplied by HP may or may not work.

If you run into a problem, e.g., with compatibility with ExactScan in DTPO2, check the manufacturer’s web site for driver updates. Canon has provided Leopard-compatible drivers for most of their models, including my fairly old Canoscan LIDE 500F.

As sometimes happens with printers or scanners, drivers may need to be updated after Apple releases an upgrade to Mac OS X.

Many thanks, Bill.

– Gerry

I use an MX850 and it does a very nice job, both single sided and duplex scanning.
Had to experiment but scans are great.

I also use an Iriscan for single things like business cards.
Push the button and works well. Don’t know about newspaper clips.