Aif audio files on ipad?

First post.

I have successfully synced my ipad to my mac (12 hrs!) and all is good except my .aif audio files, which play fine on my mac, but do not display nor play on the ipad …I just get a “File Unknown” preview.

Is that right?


I’m not seeing any issue on iOS 10.3.3 and DTTG 2.2.1.

Mmm OK I’ll investigate…all quite new to me. Amazing App! Kinda like my computer (the bits I want!) on my iPad. Nice.

kinda indeed :wink: :mrgreen:

If you can’t get the AIF files to play please email our support and add one of the AIF files in question.


Ok checked this with another aif file and all is good. The ones I synched were over 15 years old and whilst they work on my mac the iPad didn’t like them. No worries I can re=save them and all is well. Thanks

Glad to hear it. Cheers!