Airmail 1.5 and new integration with DTTG

Airmail 1.5 was just released and some of its new features include custom actions with OpenURL and Workflow app. This means that new integrations are possible with DTTG. For example here is an OpenURL, actionable by a custom action, that will archive an email from Airmail into a DTTG group:


Thanks. This works pretty good.

Note for other readers: rich email (lots of HTML, images, rich text) does not come across all that well. The [message body] element is very literal with only plain text transferred. But it gets the job done if you don’t intend to read the message carefully. :laughing:

Also, you will need to determine in advance the UUID of the destination group in DTTG2 in order to correctly construct the last element of this &destination=. And, be aware if that group’s database is not open, the URL action will have indeterminate results.

Thanks korm, yes that is true although I understand from reading the forums that the creation of HTML records by a DTTG URL scheme is in the pipeline (see [url]URL scheme with createHTML]). This means that in the future you could replace the [message_body] tag with a [message_html] tag resulting in an HTML formatted email.

Thanks for all of the above, and for the Custom action.

Re the UUID of a DTTG group - is it still simply a case of using the same UUID as that group over on DTPO/macOS?

And am I correct in presuming that it cannot be the Global Inbox?

when you get a link of a group in DTTG (i.e. by long pressing on a group) you will get something that looks like this: x-devonthink-item://F464427F-4D17-41FB-A583-232C92F85709. The UUID is the combination of numbers and letters following x-devonthink-item://

You can import into the global inbox in DTTG by excluding the &destination= component in the custom action OpenURL in Airmail

Live and learn. Didn’t know about the long-press. Thanks!

Do you know how to move an mail as [message_pdf] into devonthink?
Text doesnt look pretty and html doesnt work, so maybe pdf could be a solution to move emails to devonthink.

Sure - in Airmail once you have selected a message click the three dots at the top right of the message pane and then select ‘Create PDF’. If ‘Create PDF’ is not showing in your action list then you can add it under Airmail’s preferences or click the ‘More’ button at the bottom. When the PDF is generated click the share button and clip to DTTG.

There is no way to send a PDF to DTTG via a URL scheme at the moment.

create pdf + share … copy to devonthink works fine

would like to add these 3 steps into one custom action to just swipe a mail as pdf into devonthink

see …

@korm Thanks, I already understand…

but since you can do more than only x-devonthink:// in custom actions of airmail, maybe someone has an idea how to combine these 3 steps into one custom action

If you use the app Workflow you can create a custom action in Airmail that will send a PDF to Workflow (it actually sends a URL to a PDF that is in the “cloud”, so privacy is not an option here).

First, create a workflow

  1. Get the contents of URL
  2. Open in… (opens standard open in dialogue)

Now, in Airmail, create a custom action that opens Workflow. You will need to manually type in the name of the workflow you created above, so give it a good name!

When you activate the action (which takes a couple of seconds to run) you will be prompted to open an app – choose devonthink and the PDF will be dropped into your Global Inbox.

Thats as close as I’ve come so far.

Thank you!