Airmail 2 > DT

Airmail 2 supports Share sheets and so I can use Message > Add to DT.

I have a system wide shortcut that works, f. e. in Preview, but does not in Airmail.

Tbhis is probably a question for the Airmail forums but perhaps anyone stumbled upon this and has a solution?

Thank you,

I’ve found that system-wide shortcuts for some share sheet apps don’t take effect without a reboot.

Rebooting didn’t help. Other suggestions?

I checked with Airmail support, and they said users can’t add any additional items to the Messages -> Send To submenu. They didn’t seem to show any interest in adding DevonThink to the list of supported apps.

Any possibility we can convince DevonTechnologies to create something similar to the plug in that would allow Airmail users to use a keyboard shortcut to send email messages to DevonThink/DevonThink Pro? I’ve switched to Airmail, but have to go back to Mail to save emails into DTP Office.


The simplest way to get mail from Airmail 2 into DevonThink is File > Export to Eml… (or command option e).

I save to an action folder that will open the DevonThink file selector and then will save to the DevonThink Group of my choice.