Airmail 3.2.5 Integration with DevonThink

Airmail updated today with a new DT integration. A new command easily sends an email to your database and group of choice using the DT interface.

It works for me.

Works for me too, but the result is a plain text rendition of the message. No attachments. No .eml document. Nothing I would want to rely on as a faithful copy of the message for archival purposes. Airmail’s AppleScript dictionary is still very simplistic with a number of references to elements that are undefined. I don’t think the “integration” is comparable to what we can get from Apple Mail.

I agree - for those interested, below is a sample of what 2Do provides (with some anonymisation). To me it’s useless

On 2 May 2017 at 11:11, Xxxxxx Xxxx <Xxxxxx> wrote:> Thanks Xxxxx>> I will forward to Xxxxx and get back to you as soon as possible.>> Regards> Xxxx Xxxx> Business Development Manager> XX Business Solutions> 12345 67890121>> Sent from my iPad>> On 1 May 2017, at 20:30, Xxxx Xxxxxxxx wrote:>> > Thanks for this Xxxxx.> >> > In order for Xxxxxx to be able to access our systems, can you please ensure the attached form is completed by her and returned to us asap.> >> > Xxxxx can you organise the PO please?> >> > Xxxx> >> >> >> >> > ------------------------------------------------------> >Xxxxx Xxxxxxx> > Project Operations and Test Manager> > XXX Project> > 0123 4567890> > -----------------------------> > University ofXxxx> > Xxxxx Office> > 00 Xxxxx Road> > XX0 0XX> >> >> > -----------------------------> >

Unfortunately Airmail’s developers didn’t contact us (and usually don’t reply to emails or only after a long time). The integration could be a lot better.

I wrote a note through Airmail support to thank the developers for the new connection to DT and to consider improving the connection by reaching out to the DT team.

While plain text is not my first choice, the developer probably chose the fastest way to connect the two applications [My guess only, I really don’t know much about developing software]. Sometimes the best way to start is just to start. While not perfect, it is a start to be improved upon.

Airmail’s versatility, extensibility, and availability on iOS makes it a good choice for me. If the new integration doesn’t fit for everything, the two scripts I use fill the gaps until improvements are made.

If you would like Airmail to improve the connection to DT, kindly let them know through feedback channels on their website I also gave them the URL to this thread as one of several places on the forum where Airmail is discussed in its connection to DT.

You might want to check out the following threads on the forum in which I have posted an applescript that will send an HTML formatted email to DevonThink from Airmail with links back to the original message in Airmail along with an applescript that will send attachments from Airmail to DevonThink. I just have an Alfred workflow that triggers the applescripts with a keyboard shortcut.

[url]Airmail to DTTG using new URL scheme]
[url]Airmail 3]