Airmail support

I just posted this over in the Tips forum, and realized it’s more likely someone (or the “right” person) and DevonTechnologies would see it if I posted it here, as it is a request or suggestion. I apologize for cross-posting.

Here’s the post:

I checked with Airmail support, and they said users can’t add any additional items to the Messages -> Send To submenu. They didn’t seem to show any interest in adding DevonThink to the list of supported apps.

Any possibility we can convince DevonTechnologies to create something similar to the plug in that would allow Airmail users to use a keyboard shortcut to send email messages to DevonThink/DevonThink Pro? I’ve switched to Airmail, but have to go back to Mail to save emails into DTP Office.


You could always switch back to :wink: :mrgreen: