Airmail URL Question

Is it possible having a “reply to” url, which is exported with EML file (like: “mailto:…”) in url field of DT record, to compose a url which would open this email in Airmail (like: “airmail:…”)?

It already does that for all .eml files If you right click and choose “Open With”

It just opens this DT EML file with Airmail app. It doesn’t open the original email from Airmail database within the appropriate context.

I’d like to state the question wider: having EML file imported into DT, can I find the corresponding email in Airmail database?
I know that “maito:” url of EML has a kind of message ID there built-in, is it possible to use it somehow?

What is the “appropriate context” for a message in a third-party mail front end such as Airmail?

If your email is online such as Office 365, it is possible to transfer it to DT3 with a link back to the appropriate context. I would submit, however, that there is no such thing as “context” for Airmail - opening the message on its own in Airmail as DT3 does is just as valid as when you originally opened it in Airmail. Neither is the true “original”; that original lies on whatever server receives your email.

To open in “appropriate context” I mean open it in its original conversation thread, having all Airmail functions. This is the first reason.

The second - is I want to dismantle EML down to small RTF w/o attachments and attachments separately. I already have it as a smart rule on EML import. But I’d like to have a link from this RTF to original email in Airmail. That’s it.