AJAX iPhone app?

I am hoping that Devon could release an Ajax app for Devonthink that would allow users of the iPhone to browse their databases from their iPhone over the Internet. I have already see Remote Buddy embrace the iPhone and would love to be able to browse my databases.

Is this a possibility the database supports all of the file types the iPhone can view so I think this would be a wonderful tool.

Any thoughts do you think that this could be a possibility in the near future?


Hi, Timothy. Rubbing it in, are you? I still don’t have an iPhone and Christian, Eric and Annard live in Europe and can’t yet get one. :slight_smile:

Interesting suggestion, although I don’t know which technology approach might be most suitable. As to viewing files of various types, that may get easier in Leopard. Browsing a database by iPhone really would be neat.

My log cabin is in a Cingular/ATT “dead zone”. But as I’m getting broadband Internet service installed this Tuesday I could use an iPhone on my WiFi network. My current Treo 650 will be pretty much a paperweight at the cabin.

Yeah I was just tossing around that idea to see if it would be a possibility and they could develop it without an iphone as long as it works in safari. It would work on the iPhone.

I’d love this, too. My iPhone works great with wifi and I find I’m reaching for it to quickly check something on the web. If I could check my DTPO research database this way, it would be amazingly useful.

Great idea!

That should be already possible for DTPO users by activating the web server (although it’s not possible to browse thru the database that way).

I am aware if this. I am a pro office user and feel this needs to be more robust and perhaps the iPhone could be considered into this. There should be an option to turn on browsing the folders in a nice interface and if you wish to turn on simple searching then you can. The iPhone is after all simply a pocket macintosh.

Are there any plans to make the Database browsable on the server? Sometimes I just need to see my hierarchy, and the search really doesn’t help in seeing the outlines of my notes, etc. Software such as iGetMobile allows one to browse the entirety of one’s hard-drive on the iPhone, as does Webjimbo for one’s Yojimbo database. I’m hoping we can have something similar. Thanks for the consideration.

Thanks for the suggestion, there are indeed plans to make the database browsable.