Alarms Interfere with Syncing

I run the DT3 web server on my main desktop computer. My staff uses the web server to add or edit files and metadata throughout the day, and I then continue the process using the DT3 desktop interface as I review the various documents related to my consulting work.

This main computer running the web server is synced to a laptop computer and two other desktop computers I use when I am in different locations. Generally this works well.

However I noticed recently that if I set an alarm then the process has a flaw. I have configured DT3 so alarms display only on my main computer. If an alarm is displayed on my main computer when I am not at that computer, syncing of the main computer freezes until I acknowledge the alarm. If I then use DT3 on one of my other computers, I therefore do not see the edits my staff makes during the day nor do they see the edits that I make. As soon as I get back to the main computer and acknowledge the alarm, syncing resumes and all is well.

I suppose I could turn off alarms when I am away from my main computer, but then I might miss a relevant reminder. I could use the web server when away from my main computer, but I really need the additional features in desktop DT3. Any other solutions?

Don’t use an alarm that requires your intervention. What are you using now?

I am using Display Alert

Try a Display Notification instead. If you miss one, they’re in the Notification Center…


Also, if you click on the notification it should open in DEVONthink.

Thanks - will do