"Aliases" column header

I would find it helpful if “Aliases” was one of the available column headers, and if the values in that column could be edited. Aliases are useful, but finding documents with aliases, or the aliases for documents, isn’t easy.

Also if smartgroups could search for aliases.

You could use a smart group like “Item contains Aliases”.

I would like to second this request for having Aliases as one of the available column headers. I add aliases to items in the form of short wikilinks (such as mh1, mh2 etc.) so that I can use the aliases in a citation reference system. For example, I can then write:
“The world’s production of neodymium was about 7000 tonnes in 2004 [mh1]”
which enables me to hyperlink to the item that has the alias mh1 (usually the source reference but it could also be additional data).
Having Aliases as one of the columns would allow me to quickly assign aliases (i.e citation references) to source items, while showing what aliases had already been allocated.
Is there any possibility of this being implemented please?

The upcoming version 2.3.4 will support this.