Aliases, Tags, and WikiLinks... Where have I gone wrong?

Here is the custom metadata linking to another document

2024-05-15 at 22.24.37 Screenshot

And here is the links inspector - in this document

I was expecting to see links out (source) and links in (destination file)

The source or destination document? The upper pane includes only visible links.

This document = source document.

Not seeing outgoing link in link inspector from the custom metadata link.

Does removing the link and adding it again fix this?

@_Phil Might you be over-complicating this?

If you track your searches in DT3 for a few days how many of them could be completed with the basic search capabilities built into DT3 without tags at all?

Particularly in a field you know well, there are likely key phrases or names which inevitably will appear in any documents on a given subject. You may thus be able to search simply using the full-text search feature for many of your queries.