Alias's Don't work

In a rich text field alias’s allow the file pointed to open once. Subsequent attempts to open the file fail. This failure occurs with both DT and DTPro. I have tried this on two computers with the same result. I am using OS 10.4.1 Other applications such as Omnioutliner and Notebook work fine with alias’s.



There do seem to be some inconsistencies of behavior, depending on the window or pane being displayed.

Aliases to QT movies always seem to work.

In the Tools Search display, an alias to a PDF file in the document pane is not functional.

But if the document is double-clicked, all aliases become functional and they can be opened repeatedly.

In Vertical Split view, Horizontal Split view and Three-Pane view, my aliases work and can be repeatedly invoked to open the linked file.

Can you give some more information about the linked file type(s) and display mode?


I am creating a new rich text document per the following instructions from the Tutorial:

(1b) Unrecognized package files (e.g., a NoteBook or NoteTaker notebook) appear in DEVONthink Professional as a group, rather than a single linked file that can be double-clicked to open it externally. Instead, you may wish to use the following workaround:

(1) Create a new rich text document in DEVONthink Professional.
(2) Drag the icon of the external file into that DEVONthink Professional document to create an alias of the external file.
(3) If desired, text can be copied from the external file and pasted into the DEVONthink Professional document. The document is searchable for that text.
(4) Double-click on the alias icon to open the external file under its parent application.

Everything works fine including step 4. But the next time you try to open the file by double clicking nothing happens. I have tried it with different types of external files such as; folders, text files, pdf’s, and applications. Maybe this problem is unique to Tiger.


Ray: I’m running 10.4.1 also.

The only anomaly I can see is that some alias links don’t work in the document pane of the Search tool. But if I double-click the document to open it in its own window, the alias links work correctly – and over and over again.

Other than that, they always work for me. I have clicked a NoteTaker alias link 5 times in a row, and it opened each time. Whether I’m in Vertical Split, Horizontal Split, or Three-pane view the links work repeatedly.

I created a new document that contained alias links of several different file types and saved it. All the links work repeatedly.

Are we doing anything different, that you can see?

Hello Bill:

We seem to be doing the same thing. On my computer(s) everything works fine for one launch from the alias. On subsequent tries the double clicking produces only a beep. Nothing I have tried makes it work again. I tried deleting and reinstalling the alias, and restarting DT. The one thing that will make it work, for one time, is re booting the computer. It does the same thing on both my computers(Cube and PBG4). My hard drive is clean I have run both repair permissions and disk warrior. If after I install 10.4.2 it still does the same thing I will send a bug report into apple. You might want to check with the Devon people to see if they have any ideas.



I wrote those instructions in the Tutorial. :slight_smile:

They’ve worked on our computers under 10.3.9 and 10.4.1. (Except, as noted, in the Search tool document pane.)

BUMP – has anyone else had problems with aliases?


I have narrowed the problem down. Yesterday I was using control drag/drop to put external files in the rich text document. The reason being that the small alias arrow replaced the plus sign which seemed to indicate that an alias was going to be used. This morning I discovered that just dragging and dropping or dragging and dropping with the command/option keys depressed will work with unrecognized external files. The alias’ s can be opened multiple times. However… Folder alias’s do not work. If you drag them(either directly or holding command/option keys down) in to the document the ensuing dialogue gives the option of placing it as an alias. When doing so it is back to the original problem of opening only once then going dead. Using control drag/drop like I was doing does the same thing. So the big question, have you been able to make a properly working folder alias in a rich text document?


I have a different problem working with external files. With DT Personal, dragging a DT doc into OmniOutliner or Notebook would allow me to create a clickable text-only link (tag in OO). Doing the same with DT Pro results in the whole document being copied, and there appears to be no way to change this behavior with modifier keys. Could the two issues be related?