All Backups Are Crashing DevonThink - Options?

So now I know…don’t put the database on a wireless network drive. I’m still a new user, and a bit overwhelmed with all of the features of DTP.

About a month ago, one of my databases crashed DTP when I open it. Support helped me figure out it was the network connection that probably caused it and walked me through manually restoring a backup (that was missing all of my group folders). I started recreating the groups and now it crashes on opening again. All of my backups are doing it too.

Are there other options for fixing my database? It looks like the database has to be open to use the tools inside DTP.
I did something (I don’t remember what I did, some sort of export or backup) several weeks ago that looked like it copied my folder groups to my backup drive.

Is that everything that was in the database or just pdf’s?
Can I use this information to restore?

I did email my logs to support 3 days ago. I’m hoping someone in the forums can help me in the meantime. This is my company database, and over the last month I’ve been at a standstill dealing with paper until this gets stabilized. The piles are getting huge.


Try deleting the plist files (probably in ~/library/application support/devonthink or in library/ preferences) and/or any cache files you find in either of those folders. Sorry I can’t be more exact right now, I’m using my mobile

Thank you so much for your reply. Will deleting the plist files affect the other two databases I have that are working fine?