All databases remain when going between workspaces

I am starting to realize the potential power of DT to help out with a lot of different things, and like the notion of workspaces to keep tailored setups of databases for different spheres of my life. For instance, one for work and one for home (to start with). I have defined these two workspaces (“work” and “home”), open only the databases I want in one workspace before selecting to update it in the menu. I have done this for both workspaces, but when I am go between them the databases for the one I leave remain open and have to be closed manually. I expected DT to only have the databases open that where open when I updated the workspace. Have I misunderstood the utility of workspaces, or am I doing something wrong?

You have misunderstood. Workspaces don’t close open databases. It will open databases when necessary and always restore window states.

Oh, sorry for that @BLUEFROG . I misread the “Take control of DT 3”-book’s explanation that “Workspaces let you save arrangements of open databases, windows, documents, and tabs—plus the currently visible inspector, any selected sidebar filter, view selections, and advanced search options—and recall them instantly.” It would have been great if it worked the way I thought, but I am sure there are reasons for the current functionality. Thanks again for really rapid replies! This user forum is really responsive, which is great when trying out a new and exiting software. Happy New Year!

Not exactly what you want, however you could close all databases before you switch to another workspace.

To open or close a bunch of databases you could use this script.

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No worries and you’re welcome.

We had considered the behavior you’re referring to but had more complaints about having to reopen databases that were already open, so workspaces doesn’t close open ones.

Note there is an option File > Close Database > Close All Databases or Close All Except, if you’d like to try it.

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