All expanded groups closing

I primarily use View > List for navigating my database, and find it very valuable to be able to expand a number of groups at a time as I work on different project. I also love how the groups that are expanded are remembered from session to session, or as I move from database to database. Remembering my workspace like this is a huge productivity value for me.

However, I have noticed that there is one situation where the expanded groups gets forgotten, and the database is shown with all groups closed:

  • open sidebar, select view>list
  • select a database in the sidebar
  • in the list pane, expand a number of groups
  • in the sidebar, go to Global > Tags for that database
  • the list pane now shows all the tags for that database: expand one of the to reveal the files that are tagged
  • in the sidebar, select that database again: all of the previously expanded groups are now (unfortunately) closed

Do you know if this a bug, or as designed? Since tags are no longer shown in the database itself (which is its own frustration), and we have to use the sidebar to navigate them, I am constantly finding the groups I expanded to work on have been closed.

I’m not sure if it’s technically a bug, but I have confirmed the behavior. Development would have to respond on this.
Thanks for the thorough steps too! :slight_smile:

It happens other times as well, but not as predictably. The steps above cause it to happen every time.

Consistently and predictably are the adverbs we like to hear the most :wink: :slight_smile:

I just found another instance of “all expanded groups closing when you wouldn’t expect them to”. This happens with databases that have multiple groups, which each contain multiple sub-groups.

  • in sidebar, expand the database, then expand several groups within that database (this is clearest is your database has at least 2 levels of groups)
  • in sidebar, click on any of the groups, and the list view changes (as expected)

Now here’s the weirdness:

  • in sidebar, select any of the top level groups, BUT collapse any other top-level group: it behaves as expected: the group you collapse closes, but all other open groups remain open.
  • in sidebar, select a 2nd or 3rd level groups, BUT collapse it’s top-level group: unexpectedly, all expanded groups will close (not just those nested).

This occurs 80-90% of the time. Trying to figure out why it sometimes works as expected.

Interesting. Thanks for the follow-up.

Is the option to automatically expand/collapse the sidebar, see Preferences > General, enabled? Disabling it should fix this.

Yes, “automatically expand sidebar” was turned on, and turning it off resolved the second situation I described.
But the original situation in my first post still happens, whether that option is on or off.

The next beta should fix this.

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