All files not visible

All of my files disappeared, but they must be hidden.
I had recently upgraded to El Capitan and had no problems with DTprofessional other than I have never been able to sync with my macbook air. With revisions of DT and also an improvement of my household WiFi system, I was trying to sync.

I ran the sync with no success. I ran some automatic process that was suppose to help with the syncing. (A process took place and nothing visible to me changed).

Then, my files all disappeared. I restored dtBase2 from Time Machine on os x 10.11.2. Still I see no files. 3.7 GB of files were being processed, so I assume that my files exist (they were visible at that time that the information was saved on Time Machine.

I would be grateful for help.


I assume that you have found the .dtbase2 file but that when you open it from DT there are no files. In the finder right click on the .dtbase2 file and click on ‘Show package contents’. Look for the directory Files.noindex. Browsing this directory should confirm that all your files are intact.

If thats the case, you can try Tools->Verify and Repair

Otherwise open a support ticket -

I did the verify and repair and got 1700 orphan files in one file. :cry: I try to put them back into files and they do not dissappear from the orphan file. I have a huge mess in any case. Is there a way to simply this clean up process like have multiple windows open where I am going to move many files, or get rid of duplicates first. Any other ideas?

Why doesn’t the restore of files from TimeMachine bring back files in their original folders? Why would this happen?