All groups have become tags

For some unknown reason, today in my primary database, all my groups (some 400+ nested) have become tags. Database integrity checks out, as does verify and repair, and I see no reason that this should have happened (have not changed preferences). In fact, I was working last night on DT2G. MY Other databases seem fine. Searching for this problem becomes a rabbit hole of tags and group discussions. Any idea what’s up? Should I rebuild?

I’m pushed for time and without an image I’m not sure whether we are talking about the same thing. Please check for the term group tags in the handbook. I - or somebody else - will sure get back to you later on.

Is the option to exclude groups from tagging en- or disabled in File > Database Properties?

If you use DEVONthink To Go 3.5.6, please update to 3.5.7 and run Verify and Repair on the maybe affected databases.

Exclude groups from tagging is dis-abled (inherit tags of groups is enabled). But neither would have been changed since yesterday unless I was sleepwalking…

I enabled exclude groups from tagging, and all seems fine. Which is great, thank you for that. But, I’m certain I did not change any preferences since last night, so how it occurred I have no idea. Thank you again.

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Thank you, but I’m already running 3.5.7 (17253) of DT2G, and 3.8.6 of Devonthink 3. Already ran verify and repair twice to no effect. I enabled exclude groups from tagging as cgrunenberg implied, and it seems back to normal. Odd though. Thanks everyone.

Thank you, I did RTFM :grimacing: and enabled exclude groups, now all seems well. Can’t understand how the change happened tho (mystery).

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