All Groups not syncing?

Returned from a long trip and needed to sync my MacAir DT3 databases with my home office iMac. About 95% of the files synced, but a few groups were left out (i.e., on the MacAir but not on the iMac), and some groups did not sync all documents. What do I do in this situation? Thanks, Tim

Which version and what kind of sync location do you use? Any errors in Window > Log?

Sync location = Dropbox
Yes, errors in Log, look like this:
9:34:24 AM: TimSyncStoreDT3.dtCloud File “600663533.180-1a8cf642b86625ccdcd0fbbc20791a1dc8c5d86e-486953525.manifest” missing of database “Paperless DTPro”.

What could be causing that? Anything I can do to fix and get db’s to sync up? Thanks, Tim

Does a verification (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) report the same issue? Then you would have to clean this database from the sync store and upload it again.

Not clear on how to do or check for verification? Looked in Preferences>Sync but don’t see it there? Pls advise, Thanks, Tim

See contextual menu in Preferences > Sync of DEVONthink, e.g. after right- or control-clicking on the sync location.

So I control-clicked on the sync location on the MacAir and get a drop-down and select Verify Location Quickly. It downloads a few more files but not the complete sync set. Did the same on the iMac, same response (downloaded a few more files) but still not complete sync. I see there is another choice from the drop-down: Clean Location. Should I try that? I also note that on each of the Databases I can drop-down and select from Synchronize Database, Verify Database Quickly, and Clean Database. Should I try any/all of those.

Hold the Option key and choose Verify Location Thoroughly.

Thanks for the tip re Option key. Have used Verify Location Thoroughly several times on iMac and MacAir, it downloads more items each time. Will keep trying that to see it I get them to sync completely. Is that the right approach? Thanks, Tim

I’ve used the Verify Location Thoroughly four times on each of my iMac and MacAir. It re-starts a downloading process each time, but seems to be downloading the same items, and a true 100% sync never occurs. What is my next step? Thanks, Tim

The verification doesn’t synchronize any data, it only checks the integrity of the complete sync store. A thorough verification might require some time depending on the size of database(s) and the network speed. Finally, it’s sufficient to perform this on one Mac.

OK, thanks for advice. But what is my next step to get 100% sync? I have items in DT3 on the MacAir that are not on the iMac, and vice versa. Thanks, Tim

What’s logged to Windows > Log after the verification?

I’m still getting many notices like this:
12:39:16 PM: TimSyncStoreDT3.dtCloud File “600663533.180-1a8cf642b86625ccdcd0fbbc20791a1dc8c5d86e-486953525.manifest” missing of database “Paperless DTPro”.

and a new one:
12:35:36 PM: TimSyncStoreDT3.dtCloud 10 failed downloads, 0 invalid checksums.

What do these mean? Thanks, Tim

You need to clean the sync location. You can do it for just that database or the whole location.

OK. When I select Clean Database for the whole location it tells me “All sync data will be removed from the sync store.” Does that mean I will lose the data?

Does that mean I will lose the data?

What data are you referring to?

The warning states sync data will be removed from the sync store.

Ok, just double-checking my understanding: so I won’t lose all/any of my own files/groups on my iMac or MacAir? And, do I use the Clean Database command on both computers? Thanks, Tim

so I won’t lose all/any of my own files/groups on my iMac or MacAir?

Correct. That’s why it’s specifically worded like it is.

Cleaning on one machine is sufficient.

OK, did Clean Database, some more syncing followed. I’m closer to full sync but still not there. What’s my next step. Thanks, Tim