All hundreds of items in Inbox and library disappeared

I was playing with an application called NoteBooks (Notebooks for Mac • Notebooks) trying to copy all my 697 rich text documents in DT into NoteBooks in plain text, to use as a backup. I did copy them all few days ago. Everything was fine. This morning I opened NoteBooks and didn’t see nothing. So I clicked “recently Modified” and I got a long list of 697 documents that looks like that:


or like that:


or like that:

I decided to delete all of them (in NoteBooks) and get rid of this application.
So I deleted. Then went back to DT, and to my horror - everything is empty. All 697 note are gone.
I went to the Trash and clicked “put back”. So now I have all these 697 funny looking documents/links back in NoteBooks under “recently modified”. Is it possible to restore my INBOX ? My dtBase2 is also empty now. What to do please ???

Thanks very much!

Some of these notebooks:// links seem to reference temporary WebKit cache data which is now probably gone. How did you actually add the notes from DEVONthink to NoteBooks?

Or did you or a third-party app like CleanMyMac delete anything in the Library folder of your user account?

No, except Onyx, I don’t use anything.
I selected some 30-40 documents each time, and dragged them into NoteBooks. They showed up there as PDF documents (icons in the middle column with pdf word in them). On the right column the actual text, looked like an image or something else, absolutely not editable. So the documents have disappeared after I deleted these funny files in NB. I brought them back from Trash, but too late.
So there is nothing can be done to retrieve the actual documents ? is there an application that can do that ? where to try to look for them ?


Restore from your latest backup, I’d say.

Did you check the Finder’s trash? DEVONthink moves both deleted files and deleted databases to this trash.

I responded on your support ticket.

YES!!! I couldn’t believe! So what should I do now ? If I click “put back” I’m not sure where actually it will move. It was supposed to be in ApplicationSupport>Library… but not sure now. Can I move it to a new folder on Desktop ? And from there to Applic.Support>Library… Is this the right place for it ? or can it reside in some other place ?
Another question, is it better to use Forklift or similar application to move it (Move To…) or by dragging to Desktop first ?

What exactly is in the Finder’s trash? You might move the items to the desktop or another folder first to ensure that you won’t delete them accidentally.

In the trash:

Turquoise color folder with DT icon in white.
underneath in grey: DEVONthink database 1.2 GB
modified Nov.14
Last Opened Nov.14

So, I’m going to move this folder to a new to the desktop to a new folder there.
Then to open DT or to move the dataBase to another location first ? where exactly ?

Appreciate your help!!!

Just move Inbox.dtBase2 to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3 and the other database e.g. to ~/Databases.

Did you actually delete the global inbox on your own e.g. in the Finder? In DEVONthink it’s impossible to delete the global inbox.

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I have in the left column, in Grey under “Globals” : Inbox, Tags, Trash.
That “inbox” is a “Global Inbox” ?
When you say to move the other database to ~/Databases, what do you mean by “other database” ?

For some reason I don’t have DEVONthink3 in ~/Library/Appl.Support/…
And I haven’t seen it in some time. But it was there I remember. How to fix the problem ?

I’d guess the one that is not “Inbox”.

Restore from a backup.

unfortunately I didn’t do backup for about 3 months. Inbox.dtBase2 was in the trash. I moved it to the desktop to a created folder for it. Cgrunenberg advised to move Inbox.dtBase2 to: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3 , but DEVONthink3 is not there. To reinstall DT and then to move ? To reinstall, I have to do total uninstall I guess ?

This path is relative to your home directory, it’s not the system-wide library on your startup volume.

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In the Finder, select the ​Go ​menu while holding the ​Option key​, then choose ​Library​. This is your User Library.
Go into the Application Support directory and the DEVONthink 3 subdirectory is there.

For the databases, open a Finder window and press Command-Shift-H. This switches to the home directory. The Databases folder is there.

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Thanks so much! Magic! and thanks for tip for Time Machine and the very interesting article about Time Machine! Invaluable!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: