All items ending up in "To Do" list


I’ve notcied that everythign I’m bringing in to DT Office Pro is landing not only in their respective group, but also on a list called To Do. I now have nearly 1,000 items on this To Do list (just noticed it this morning) and when I tried deleting an item from To DO, it actualy moves it to the trash from it’s group.

Can you tell me how to make it so when I scan or import an item it just goes in the the Group, not TO DO, and how to get rid of all the items on the To Do list without deleting them from the database?

I checked the labels and these items are NOT labelled “To Do”.


The ‘To Do’ list is just a Smart Group, and if I recall correctly the criteria is any document that is not flagged. That means that it will display anything imported into the database that is not flagged by another application. Just delete the Smart Group-the documents will still be in your database.