All my items are present but show up (in sidebar) in Inbox rather than within the database. How to fix?

All my items are present but show up (in sidebar) in Inbox rather than within the database. How to fix?

It’s unclear what you did before, see Restoring items from trash - #16 by clarker1

Can I simply drag the inbox items to the database?


Under inboxes all ~1600 items are counted. However under the database under “open databases” the count is only 3 items. Is this a concern?

May I suggest that you consider using more screenshots in your posts? As I pointed out to you previously, it is quite difficult to set the scene from the little information you provide.

Please post a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Also: Are you aware of the rather good DEVONthink manual, which is available here, together with further reading? Your questions here suggest to me you might be pretty much at the start of your journey with DEVONthink, and that you might profit from some additional insights.

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That image shows that you have 1589 unread items in the inbox of the database DEVONthink 2 and 3 unread items spread across the other locations within that database.

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Thanks for that but they may show as unread because I just got the database back. At any rate I was expecting a count of total (read+unread) to show up somewhere.

Databases do not display a total count; groups do. When there are no unread items, a group will display the total item count in the group. When there is an unread item in the group, the group will instead display the number of unread items (in bold attribute).

The number of items in a database can be determined by viewing the database properties. The total displayed there will include those items in the database’s inbox (but not, of course, in the global inbox).

Maybe. I have no idea what you mean by concern. Apparently you have a certain number of items in your global (!) inbox and a different number of (perhaps) unread items in one of your databases. Would you expect the three numbers to be identical to not be concerned? More items in the inbox than on the database? Something else entirely? I’m confused.

And there’s a context menu to show the total number of items in the databases, too. If that’s what you’re after.

No; the OP is using unified inboxes; the image posted after the post you are responding to shows the items to be in the database’s inbox, rather than the global inbox (one of the reasons I wanted an image). But I’m confused too - I’m repeating myself, I know, but I can’t set the scene; I don’t know where the OP is coming from, nor where they are aiming at, - which limits support somewhat.

Right. Though I still don’t see where the concern might arise when moving items into the database.

Previously I remember seeing Inbox and Global Inbox but now I only see Inbox and DEVONthink 2 listed under Global. For those of you who think I’m confused (and confusing) it would be difficult for you to be more correct.

What your image shows is perfectly normal; Inboxes unifies the global inbox (which is listed simply as Inbox) and the inbox of each database (just one in your case: DEVONthink 2).

What is a fact is that you have at least 1589 items which you have not tidied away into groups within your database; there are instead sitting in the inbox, which is presumably where you dragged them from trash. How they ever got to be in trash.

Whether any of that is of concern only your yourself can know. If my items were all suddenly located in trash, I’d be restoring a backup of my database for sure (if only because the effort involved in filing everything again would be a massive inconvenience).

As far as being confused or confusing: I’m happy to continue answering your questions here; I’m just left with the feeling that your house might be on fire and you are asking me about whether garments incorporating an expanded PTFE membrane are more breathable. It’s kinda important, but maybe going at the heat problem the wrong way.

There’s a setting in preferences determining if you have a unified inbox or one per database. And that’s probably also explained in a lot more detail in the fine manual.

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I just unchecked Unify and things are a bit clearer. Now I need to mark the unread as read. I see many of the trees but I keep missing the forest.

That might be possible with a batch action.

seeing as they are all in the inbox, it’s actually as simple as selecting them all and marking read from the context menu.

Within the database inbox my items are properly grouped as they were a few days ago. Would I be correct then to say that a database restoration is unnecessary?