All thumbnails view. It's possible


Why can’t I view items only by icons and without folders (like in iDocuments).
I love DevonThink but i need to view all thumbnails of all documents in a folder, without the subfolders, but with the documents inside them (with a little switch on top of the window?)
Now it’s only posible in the smart groups view, but it’s not possible to create a samrt group for every folder…

Can you consider this feature in the next version?

It might also be helpful if you would post an image of what iDocuments looks like.

OK is a good alternative, but is not exactly the same option

In view as column or as split you can only see the contents of one folder. In iDocuments you can see thumbnails of all documents in all subfolders inside the selected folder at the same time.
Other options are better in DTP, but no this one.