Allow cancelling indexing; save location without indexing?

Hi DevonTech-

I Cmd-Opt-dragged a folder into a DT database, just wanting to remember the folder location for future work. The folder has lots of folders and files in its hierarchy, so DEVONthink began indexing. It was going to take too long, so I hit the “x” to cancel it. Worked fine.

The partially-indexed folder was in my database, so I selected it so I could remove it. On doing so, DT started indexing it again. But now the index progress box did not offer a cancellation option. So DT was locked with a spinning beach ball for an annoying amount of time as it indexed. Cmd-. (a standard “stop” shortcut) had no effect.

I would like to always be able to cancel an indexing operation. Is there a way? If not, please consider adding it (i.e., just using the same code as for the initial indexing operation).

Finally, if there’s a way to save just a folder path (without indexing), please let me know. For some projects, I just want to keep some notes in DT and a link to where in the filesystem I can find a folder containing lots of resources. I don’t anticipate searching those, I just want to remember where they are.


You can avoid this by switching to list or icon view and trashing the indexed group.

At future release will improve this by indexing in the background.

That’s not possible but there are two workarounds:

  1. Create a bookmark with a file:/// URL
  2. Create a rich text document and Cmd-Alt-drag & drop the folder into the document.

Thanks for the helpful reply.

At future release will improve this by indexing in the background.

Fine, but if the user makes a mistake, there should be a way to
back out—like there already is in the original scenario.

That’s not possible but there are two workarounds…

Thanks a lot for those—helpful!