Allow rename of Sorter group labels

When one connects a group to a Sorter slot, the label is set by the name of the group in the associated database. It would be helpful to be able to rename the slot in the Sorter. For example, I would like to have the Inboxes from different databases in the Sorter. That works fine, but they are all named “Inbox”. One has to mouse over each label to see where it came from.

You can, if you wish, rename a database’s Inbox before dragging it into and empty slot. (You can remove an existing Inbox from the Sorter by dragging it out.)

I expressed the same wish in a different post. What I ended up doing for now was renaming the inbox to the name of the data basis and in, i.e. Attic In, Writing In, etc. My preference remains to be able to change the name in sorter and still have it say just inbox in the database itself.