altered behaviour in See Also & Classify drawer?

I’m using DT Pro Office 2.0.3.

In regard to the See Also & Classify drawer, the current documentation promises, “For your convenience, DEVONthink Pro Office always lists the original document at the top of the list, so that you can easily go back to the original document.” That’s the behaviour I seem to remember, or at least something like it.

Currently, however, selection of any note in the See Also panel instantly changes the entire panel, basing it on the newly selected document and leaving behind both the original and all related suggestions.

Typically in using See Also I’m interested in looking at several of the suggested documents before leaving the original and its associated list of suggestions quite so definitively behind. (And my reflexes seem to tell me that this is what I used to be able to do; are they just mistaken about that?)

Well – whether I’m fantasizing false body memories or not :slight_smile: – is there currently a reliable and convenient way of keeping the original list stable, while I check-out whatever elements of it I happen to be interested in?

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the bug report, it’s a bug of document windows. Main/search windows work as expected. The upcoming version 2.0.4 will fix this.