Alternate Method to Use Multiple Groups Simultaneously

I have been pondering why the 3PV discussion does not seem to be of much importance to me even though I use DT3 extensively and often work in multiple databases/groups simultaneously.

Obviously workflow if unique to every person and the more options the better. Each of our brains is simply wired to work in a different way.

So I understand this might work for some but surely not for all. That said, what I have observed is that the Sorter is extremely efficient and fast for searching for the name of a group in any currently opened database. So if I have a Group opened and then I want to use a second or third group (in the same or different database) I open the new group(s) in Devonthink - each group opens in a new Window. If you have multiple monitors you can put a group on each monitor. Or you can lay out the groups in an overlapping arrangement and thus can Quickly move the Focus of your work to any Group among those you have opened.

I use this method for researching academic articles applicable to individual case on which I am providing consulting work to a client. I would imagine it would work for most types of academic research as well as more mainstream projects like using the web to get info about a purchase you plan to make or trip you plan to take etc.

What sort of workflow needs do others have for which DT3 does not have a good solution?