Alternate prism.js .css

Would development consider option to point to alternate file path for prism.js and prism.css in a fashion similar to the way that custom Markdown stylesheets can be specified?

This would allow users who work in lesser-known languages or who want to use one of the alternate themes to specify a preferred flavour of the prism.jss and prism.css. I do this currently by abusing the application package but of course it gets blown away with each update cycle.

You could add link and style element to each markdown file as a workaround. More work though.

Yes, I have done that; but I have hundreds of records where the change would have to be made. Not a huge problem to fix it in the application resources directory after updates; but would be nice if we could deal with it as a preference. Even if it’s a hidden preference that’s not exposed in the application preferences window. Hint hint…

I agree. I’d even go for a more general approach: Provide for a list of JS and CSS files to use for MD rendering as a preference. That way, one can easily add whatever seems to be missing from the default install. And DT would not have to cater to every particular wish with a new (hidden) preference.