Alternate text editor

I’m trying out a different way of editing DT text files on the go. With a db on DropBox, one can use any editor that works with DropBox. The best so far seems like Elements. It stores files in ~/Dropbox/Elements, so symlink…

ln -s …/db.dtBase2/Files.noindex/txt ~/Dropbox/Elements

I may use this method for a while since dttg needs time to mature and Elements has many more features for editing (TextExpander, themes, …).

Possible sync conflicts I’ll have to test.


This one?

Can’t comment on editing files without DT knowing about it, but ATM, Elements uses a CR/LF combo for it’s line endings. So far, the developer doesn’t understand why he should provide a choice. LOL

Good Luck!!

Suggest searching for OS X in Newline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia? :slight_smile: