Alternate ways to import RSS?

I have an RSS feed on my wordpress blog that only shows the last 5 items that I have published. But I want to import ALL my blog posts which number around 215. If I change the Wordpress settings so that “Syndication feeds show the most recent 215 posts”, I am worried that my email provider (FeedBlitz) will re-send those old messages to my subscribers.

I am wondering if there is a way to import the older blog posts without using rss? Thoughts? Something simple would be nice :smiley:

You could generalize the question more “how to download a wordpress site”, then hit google and search.

From my perspective, the way I’d approach it is something like the following:

  1. Write a SQL statement that can pull all the posts.
    1.1) Write out to CSV or put it into the script idea below.
  2. For each site ID do:
    2.1) Compose URL
    2.2) Send Applescript event to DevonThink to download that specific URL.

If I was aiming for the simplest solution, that’s the one I’d probably use. Alternatively, even to simplify it a bit easier, you could take 1.1 into Excel, and do a string replace to basically build the URL there. Then, use a combination xargs, awk, and sed to pipe it or change it into the required Applescript command and execute there.

If you want to go a little more complex, but what I’d probably try using, is Python’s Beautiful Soup, or scripting a headless Chrome, to download it to PDFs then import. But this could be seen as being unnecessarily complex.