Alternative aliases separator

Hello everyone,

I’m using DT3 to organize my organic chemistry notes.
When I try to use aliases, I find that commas as a separator for aliases cause problems in creating WikiLinks. Many chemical names contain one or more commas inside, making the function unusable.

Does anyone have the same problem? How do you resolve it?

Thank you!

It’s not yet possible to customize the separator but might be in future releases.

Thank you for your response.

And actually it will be the next release as it’s not the first request of its kind.


Thank you !!
That will be great!!!

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Honestly, I remain stunned by your responsiveness. There are so many examples out there showing how both “move fast” and “move cautiously” can lead to broken products; but DEVONtech have got it down to a T. New features continue to appear at a pleasant pace, whereas those little things which make it difficult for - often small - subgroups of users to implement a function are revised at an amazing pace.

DEVONthink is unbelievably flexible and clearly used by an amazing range of people. Its upkeep is down to a small handful of equally amazing folk. Thanks Criss!



I really appreciate their amazing work!

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Thanks for the nice feedback - really appreciated!