Always need to restart DTP in order to sync

Problem: I always need to quit and restart DevonThink Pro on one of my two computers in order to get my database synced.

Explanation: I have DTP installed on two Apple computers (MacBook Pro/High Sierra and iMac/Sierra) and they are synced through a sync store on Dropbox via Wifi. DTP on the MacBook is where I do most of my work. Now whenever I go to the iMac to see if my database got synced I can see that nothing has happened. But when I quit DTP on the iMac and restart it, the syncing process starts and everything is fine afterwards.

Additional information: Both computers are on the same Wifi network but the iMac is a bit further away from the access point and will frequently lose the connection after coming out of sleep mode and I need to reconnect. But simply reconnecting to the Internet will not prompt DTP to start the syncing process. It always needs to be restarted.

Sync does not run continuously. If a connection isn’t available it will try again in a few minutes.

Something like: … index.html

In combination with an Applescript, could help. Someone better versed in Applescript with DevonThink may be able to help here. I looked up, in the Dictionary, the available commands and they are:

synchronize v : Synchronize a record (and its children) by adding new external items, indexing updated external items and removing missing items. Not supported by triggered scripts.
record record : The record to synchronize.
→ boolean

Alternatively, if this is something that happens often, you could use the applescript above to automatically quit and restart DevonThink. If it frequently loses connection while active, that’s much harder to solve and probably not something you want to create a script that auto restarts, for. Cause more problems than solving, especially if editing at the same time.

@Bluefrog: In my case DT simply never syncs again after that first initial syncing. If it does try to connect again after a few minutes - I wouldn’t be able to tell if it does or not - it is never successful. If a non-available connection is the reason for this problem I wonder why this is so because my browser and all my cloud services are able to connect to the internet fine.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a Support Ticket. Thanks.