always/on demand grayed out on iPad. Can't choose

Hi All,

I am trying to sync databases b/w my Mac and my iPad. All is well except that I cannot seem to get my iPad to download metadata only (on demand); I am given no open when syncing. Once the download starts I can open the empty databases click on info icon (circle with an i) and all fields are grayed out, including always/on demand.

I should note that this is NOT the case on my iPhone. There, the option to choose between always/on demand is very clearly present.

I do not want all files on my iPad. I really want to use on demand, but cannot seem to figure out how to make this happen. I assume it’s something simple that I am missing. Perhaps I need to delete and reinstall?



Have you checked DTTG2’s Settings > Manage and restored the purchase on the device?

Also, if you have set the Sync location to Download Files: Always, you cannot change the Download Files option on a database. The Sync location must be set to On demand as well. (It’s logically contrary to tell the Sync location Always, and data being pulled from it to be On demand.)

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Thanks. Yes, I had checked everything–including restore purchases–and no options appeared. I deleted DTTG and all is well.

Thanks again.

Glad to hear it’s working for you now. Cheers!

I have the same problem, I have the premium features enabled and set sync location (dropbox) to manual. I do not get the option to sync only metadata. Do I understand the conclusion from this thread is to enable this feature I have to delete DT2G on my ios devices and reinstall? Sounds like swatting a fly with a hammer? :wink:

Do you mean the Schedule setting? That is not the correct place, if so.

You need to edit the Sync location and choose On demand.

Can’t it is greyed out like described above in the original post.

Are you running the beta?

Nope. Latest version of ios and macos, both the OS and DT2G and DTPO. The pro package appears installed and I can see eml files and annotate pdfs.

Choose Help > Contact Us to start a Support Ticket. Thanks!

Maybe you have chosen “Always” for the sync location? Then you can’t change the setting on a local level as the sync location setting overrules.

Possibly but I don’t see an option on dt2g which allows this to be set, except for in the panel for individual databases? Please send screenshot if possible and I’ll check. Thanks.

Settings > Edit Locations > Edit > Tap your location (Dropbox in your case I believe) > This screen will show Download Files select On demand.

Thanks! The UI is really confusing to me on this operation, I thought if I clicked on the location it would delete, not give you options. It works now.

I agree, it may be worth adding an Info icon to the right of the location after you tap edit, or an arrow pointing right to signify to tap it to edit the location.

That’s a good idea, the Clock does this in a similar fashion.