*Always* Re-open my databases

Any trick to get DEVONthink to always open my databases? I have it often that after my PC restarts, all my Databases appear under “Recent Databases” and I have to 1-by-1 click each of them for re-opening.

I have DT on autostart for syncing and using the index to search for files, but that’s not doable when the databases are closed.

(I know of “Open Databases automatically” when using bonjour)

A restart due to a system failure (e.g. kernel panic)? DEVONthink automatically opens the databases again if it was closed properly.

However, to open your default databases you could set up a workspace.

Can you tell DT to load a workspace on start? The machine running DEVONthink is a mac mini that I run a few automations on, and I need a consistent way to start DEVONthink and make sure it always loads the default databases automatically on start to synchronize them.

I guess there is applescript to load a Workspace through the menus

No but you could e.g. use a smart rule that is performed on startup and executes a script which loads the desired workspace. But actually this shouldn’t be necessary at all usually as DEVONthink and its databases should be always closed properly. Otherwise the automation might cause database issues in the long run.