Always show tab bar and other tab improvements


sorry if this is a dupe or I have asked before. It’s been a while since I’ve been here.

Would be great to have the tab bar always shown. Using tabs at the moment is a bit of an effort. :slight_smile: A change to the tab bar to be more like Safari and Firefox as well would be appreciated: click anywhere to the right of tabs to open another.

edit: dragging tabs to new windows? I’m trying to get used to using the main window or a new one. Am trying the main one while trying to hide every panel and toolbar possible. For now it seems to be the only way to easily keep some documents open while keeping much space for the document.

A menu item in window to hide the group list would be helpful for that. and a small addition. double clicking the separator to the right of the group list to autosize (like mail and other apps).

i’m not sure what you think, when I hide everything, the coloring of status bar (?, with the drawer buttons and paragraph/word count) seems a bit distracting.

edit again: tab reordering? drag and move.

2.0 is great. love the new things. just asking about where it will go.


the tab-bar style is something I also have problems with.

The design is a little bit distracting. Because the tab is separated from the document it belongs to by a small line. This is confusing. Everytime I saw it I think the the following tab belongs to the document.

Could be nicer.