Always vs On Demand Download

I recently got a shiny new iPad Pro with 512GB (yay!) so I decided to switch from “On Demand” download to “Always”, since I have plenty of storage capacity. However, doing this was rather harder than I expected, so can I suggest a few tweaks to the online help, since it was a bit confusing to follow…

  1. In the topic “Synchronizing everything or just the metadata” it explains (very well) the options, but says that granularity can be by Sync Location, Database, or Group. However, FINDING how to change the setting for Sync Location is pretty hard.

You have to go to Settings, then Edit Locations (that’s fine, I did that at once). However, then you have to tap Edit, and then tap a pencil by the location (to ACTUALLY get to Edit) before you find the setting. It took me quite a bit of stumbling around to find this … can this be made more clear in Help somewhere?

  1. It’s also pretty hard to change at the Database level as well. The Online help (same topic) says to change the setting in the Info panel for groups, but is silent about how to change it for the database (which was where I wanted to make the change). The topic “Get more information about an item” discusses how to show the Info Panel for items and groups, but is silent about how to access it for Databases. In the end, I stumbled on it by long-pressing on a database name, and up popped a menu with “Info” as an option.

Overall, this was a bit frustrating, and took me maybe 15-20 minutes of fumbling around to find these things. it would be great if you could (a) better document how to edit Location settings and (b) mention how to access the Database Info Panel in the “Get more information about an item” topic.


Thank you for the suggesion. We’ll try to make it clearer in our documentation!

Updated for the next maintenance release.