Am I missing something about web clipping?

I’m new to DevonThink, and am thinking of using it as a repository for research for stories.

I came from Evernote, so one thing I am very used to is the ability to clip portions of web pages and save them. I’ve tried the Safari and Chrome clippers from Devonthink, and even though I select text beforehand, I still get the entire web page every time. And, I see no place to choose to keep only the selection.

Am I missing something? Or is this the intended behavior: always clip and save the entire page?

Welcome @BruceInLouisville

Text selected in Safari will be added as a Finder Comment to the clipped page when using the browser extension.

You could use the Safari > Services > DEVONthink 3: … to clip a selection as rich or plain text, Markdown, or formatted note.

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