Am I restoring my DT3 databases properly from backup?

I recently clean-installed a fresh macOS on an iMac on which I worked with a number of DT3 databases (imported) which I had been syncing via a sync store in Dropbox.

I wasn’t sure of the ways to (a) restore the databases to DT3 on the ‘clean’ Mac, and (b) to sync the databases again just as I used did before, but here’s what I did, and I’d like to check I did things properly.

After setting up the machine as new, I reinstalled DT3, and simply copied the old databases from a backup over to the new ‘Databases’ folder on the ‘clean’ Mac.

From DT3 I just opened one of the databases. It seemed fine - all its items appeared to be there, just as before. Then as regards the syncing, I set up the Dropbox sync store just as before in the sync preferences, and saw the list of databases that I had been syncing.

Now at this point, I guess I could have imported them from the sync store, instead of copying them over from backups, but I’d done the latter anyway, which seemed more straightforward.

So to reinstate sync, in the sync preferences, alongside the Dropbox option, I simply ticked the checkbox next to the first database I wanted to re-sync (it only appeared under ‘LOCAL’, not under ‘REMOTE’), and away it went, ‘re-syncing’ I suppose. I did see briefly some message about “merging” (the remote data with the local?), so I hope that was right.

I’ve done it this way for one database, and it all seems right, but I just want to check that I’m doing it properly and not missing anything out, before I restore other databases in the same way.


Yes, that is a perfectly valid way to approach this. Everything sounds as it should here.

Thank you. Just making sure with the ‘clean install jitters’ :grimacing:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: