Amazing bookmarking with DEVONthink?

I’d like to use DEVONthink as a “richer” bookmarking system than Safari.

After selecting text within a webpage, I’d like to:

  • Create a new “Rich text” document…
  • Copy and paste the webpage URL as a clickable hyperlink…
  • Copy and paste the webpage title tag (and even append the date and time of the event)…
  • Copy and paste the selected text from within the webpage…
  • Popup up some sort of dialog box asking me what path to store this “bookmark”

Can you point me in the right direction of a similar post on this forum?
If not, can you help me with this? I am willing to PayPal cash if it’s a bit too complicated to discuss here.

Hi, Markus:

Assuming you are dedicating a new document for each capture, that’s almost what you can get from Safari using DT Pro Services (Command-)) or from the browsers in DEVONagent or DT Pro using a contextual menu option. (You need to select some text in each case.) Your only missing item on the wish list is a popup asking for location.

You can get everything on your list by dragging & dropping selected text from the browser page (Safari, DEVONagent or DT Pro) into the desired group on the floating Groups panel.

To launch the URL, select a saved item, click on the Actions button in the toolbar and select Launch URL.

So unless you meant something different, this can be done very easily.

I’ve built up a large collection of bookmarks in groups in my DT Pro database, e.g. one for scientific journals that I visit often. Either:

  • Select the URL in the address field and drag it onto the Groups panel; or

  • Copy the URL from the browser page to the clipboard, go to DT Pro and press Command-N.

Select a ‘bookmark’ and – if you are online – DT Pro displays the page. You may rename the title if you wish.

I love the Bookmark bookmarklet, but I was wondering if it could be extended to pop-up the Groups panel to select where to go. Either that, or a script that does the same thing. The “Add Page” appears to create a web archive, which isn’t what I want and none of the Services for DT Pro Office are for bookmarks.

BTW, what’s the difference between web document and page?

If you select the location field (e.g. with File > Open Location… (Command-L) in Safari) and run the Take Plain Note service (Command-() a bookmark document will be created. It’ll use the URL as the document name; you can run Rename > To Web Page Title from the app script menu to rename it afterwards. I’ve long wished that capture and rename could be combined into a single step; maybe someone can a suggest a method?

Depends on the context. That’s one example of how certain terminology used in DEVONthink could be more consistent.

Pretty general usage: ‘Capture Page’ is equivalent to ‘Capture HTML’. Only the source code of the Web page is captured, so one has to be online to see images.

A Web document is a WebArchive capture of the page, or in some contexts a PDF capture of the page. Images are retained and layout of the Web page is maintained consistently with the width of the displayed “Web document”. Dynamic elements on the Web page will likely not be captured as dynamic, certainly not in a PDF.

Try this in DT Pro/Office 2: While displaying a page in your Web browser (Safari, DEVONagent, but not Firefox) choose File > Save As. Choose “Inbox” as the destination for the saved file and WebArchive as the filetype. The result will be a WebArchive version of the Web page in your Global Inbox (or, if a PDF is displayed, a PDF can be saved).

Thanks for the explanation.

There are already better ways to capture a web archive. The Archive bookmarklet will do it as will the Capture Web Document script.

My main problem is that I want to capture a bookmark and select the specific group at that time, not a web document or a page. There are scripts to add pages, selection, text, and a web document to DEVONthink and select a specific group, but there isn’t one for bookmarks. It seems to be an oversight since the others match up with the bookmarklets.

Sorry mine wasn’t helpful. :frowning:

I hate the bookmark function in Safari, but my eyes are glazing over while I’m trying to quickly understand this discussion. Anybody want to comment on which method they believe to be the least complicated, or set up a poll and collect votes?

There are some sites that will not allow a script to reload a page, directing it instead to load the login page. That’s why I mention alternatives to scripts.

Which browser are you using? There’s a way to capture a bookmark to the database and go through the ‘Select group’ panel from most browsers.

Yours was helpful, but Bill’s had more detail and I was already asking questions based upon it.

Good to know. I’ll keep that in mind.

I’m using Safari mostly, but sometimes DEVONagent or Firefox. I use the Bookmark bookmarklet to add to DEVONthink Pro Office.

Why don’t you switch the default destination to “Select Group” in the Preferences, Import tab? The bookmarklet honors this option.

Probably because I didn’t notice it. Thanks!