Ambiguity : previewing / opening

The current way Devonthink previews in the active tab every document I select in the navigator list is counterintuitive to me.

Take the very frequent use case : I am looking/working at some doc in the active tab and then I think of some other doc, try to navigate to it and loose my initial doc … I know it’s possible to create a new tab and only then navigate to another doc, yet I was wondering if another tabs concept would be possible to clearly distinguish between “previewing while navigating” and “opening items in tabs”:

  • a “preview” tab is physically separated from the list of normal tabs.
  • next to it lies a button to open the currently previewed document into a separate tab

just an input,

You could navigate back to the document afterwards via the navigation bar (or path bar). Another possibility might be to open documents in tabs (see Data > Open In Tabs) or to open a second window.

Thanks I am aware of those possibilities yet they requires a lot of attention and clicks.

I am looking for something more intuitive.