Just checking… has anyone been trying Ammonite. What are your experiences so far?

Ammonite has been discussed in the forum, and in the Blog.

I did a search before I posted and found nothing, and yes I read the post in the blog, all that said was that it had been released.
I found a few reviews on another site that slammed it and stated it crashed constantly.
I thought I would ask here… sorry to waste your time.

The app has been discussed in a few threads, including this one. I don’t know why your search on ‘Ammonite’ turned up nothing as I get hits for the same search.

I don’t know why, in addition to being helpful, certain people regularly berate and belittle forum users for the inadequacy of their research prior to posting a question. Is that sort of arrogance necessary? Productive? What if you simply chose not to submit such replies? It would save you some time, it would reduce the number of not-so-helpful things people needed to sort through in order to find useful information, and it would improve the tone of the forums. Is there a downside to that approach? I’ve worked with some brilliant people - leaders in their areas of biomedical research - and I’ve seen first hand that intelligence doesn’t require the ill treatment of others. It may be time for the DEVONtechnologies staff to have a word about benevolence with their volunteer gods.