an import/indexing question

I’m a little confused and wanted some help. I would like to have DT index my Bookends attachment folder which is housed in my documents. in DT preferences, I have it that I regularly want imported files copied into the database, but in this case I do not want that to happen- I just want DT to index them where they are. How do I do this (do I need to temporarily change my prefs? change it how exactly? etc., etc.)? Also, will DT stay up-to-date on that attachment file when other files are added to the folder?

Thanks in advance.

Did you try File > Index and File > Synchronize afterwards to keep up-to-date? Or if you’re interested, you could try the current beta of v1.1 which will improve those commands a lot.

Thanks Christian, I was unaware of the synchronization feature. It would be great if you could add a “synchronization” tag to certain files so that it synchronizes on its own without my prompting.

Thanks, Danny

You could download the example scripts package from our download page and attach the “Synchronize” script to certain indexed groups. Then clicking on these groups in split/three-pane views (or opening them in a new window) will automatically synchronize the group and its children.

Christian, beyond clicking the scripts menu and clicking the script, I don’t know how to work with scripts to much. How do I “attach” the synchronize script to a folder?

Just select the group which should be automatically synchronized. Then open the Info panel (see menu Tools), click the “Select…” button and choose the “Synchronize.scpt” file.

that’s awesome! Thanks a bunch.