An indexing mystery involving dropbox

DTPO is failing to index a file kept in an indexed dropbox folder. It is a Word file that was created from another file in that same folder using “save as.” It is a new draft of that file. I edited and reformatted the new file. I gave it a new name by simply replacing the creation date I used for the earlier file, from “2015-03-13 - XXXXX” to “2015-05-05 - XXXXX.”

The weird thing is that DTPO refuses to index the new file. Making it more strange is that when I add another character to the new file name, it does index it.

What’s going on?


Hi. I don’t know the answer to your question. But, I have sometimes seen hiccups as well. Files added to an indexed group usually appear immediately. Every once in a while, though, there will be one that just doesn’t seem to get recognized. Sometimes, switching the view to a different group and coming back does the trick. Other times, adding a different file to the group triggers the indexing. It’s not an everyday thing, but it does happen. Perhaps it is simply a lag of some kind. By the way, I am using SpiderOak.

If you have a group of indexed files and delete one of them from the group in DEVONthink, then DEVONthink won’t reindex that file again when the index is refreshed if the deleted file is in the DEVONthink Trash and the Trash has not been emptied.

Otherwise, I’ve repeated the sequence mentioned above, regarding how the new file was created, and I don’t have a problem indexing it. IOW, cannot reproduce the scenario as it is laid out.

Korm - thank you very much. That did it! I found and removed a file with the same name in the trash.