An interesting beach ball, not Devonthink's fault

This might be something to keep in mind if you get hangs when entering the Import function in Devonthink.

I spent an hour or so cussing Epson and reinstalling my scanner/printer this morning, totally missing the problem.

Devonthink’s latest update has been working fine. Then I installed Epson’s drivers for my new ET 8550 (wonderful printer, btw).

Then the problems started. When I would click DT’s Import button I would get a beach ball for maybe ten minutes.

After much tail-chasing, I finally realized the hang was only happening if Apple mail got launched by Devonthink’s import functions. I believe installing the Epson drivers was coincidence, not a cause.

The DT plug-in was disabled in Mail preferences. After enabling it, all was well. No more beach balls in Import.

And do you have very large mailboxes?

Sadly, I do not keep up with email like I should.

564 messages in Inboxes, 333 in Sent, and 1,766 in Trash which I’m deleting now.

Without the email plug-in, it was very slow. With it, very fast.

I should have noticed the last time I archived my email. I remember it took a long time.

I am biting my tongue on how unkempt my personal email is :flushed: For shame, Jim, for shame :wink:

And indeed, the Apple Mail plugin is orders of magnitude faster than the AppleScript channel.

That is nothing

Add at least 3 zeroes to those numbers- then we are talking large!


Cleanup on aisle kaplan, cleanup on aisle kaplan


Well, I’ve got 35,699 messages in my DT email archive with an undisclosed number unread. There are some messages I don’t want to lose in that logjam.

I keep thinking, “Just look at 100 a day for a month, it would be a start…”

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