Annihilate Global Inbox

I realize that this is my problem, not a problem with the software, but I really do not like the global inbox. It serves no purpose in my workflow. I have DEVONthink Professional Office, and am thinking about downgrading to Personal just to get rid of the global inbox. I only use one database, and stuff keeps ending up in the global inbox, and I have to move it. I guess it’s some kind of software OCD.

Is there a way to permanently hide the global inbox and never see it again? I do have a few Applescripts that come in handy, and I would lose them if I downgrade. I don’t use the scanning or email capabilities.

No, you cannot hide or remove the Global Inbox. It is a core part of the application.

PS: Downgrading to Personal not only gives up a lot of functionality, it’s still the Global Inbox you’d be using. That’s the only database available in Personal.