annotate documents in DT with bookmarks

It would be great if you could annotate documents (PDFs and .doc) within DT with bookmarks. I know you can highlight and add notes but I haven’t figured out how to place bookmarks in a PDF or .doc.

I’ve got about 10 or more PDFs for a particular topic, each PDF has up to about 50 pages, however, in each PDF there is only one or two pages that have information pertaining to that particular topic. I’d be great if I could bookmark these pages so that when I need to research that topic and look into my collection of PDFs I can quickly flick through just the bookmarked pages in each PDF rather than having to plow through up to 50 pages each time because I’ve forgotten which one or two pages had the information on the topic.

Thank you for the suggestion! This is not yet possible but you could at least copy links to certain pages via the contextual menu and use the copied links for link annotations.

A similar question: is there any way to identify all the PDFs that you’ve previously highlighted? Only after highlighting a bunch did I realize they would sink into oblivion in a large database. Since I assume highlight involves some sort of alteration of the pdf that isn’t really part of the text, is there any way to search for them? Maybe a script could do it?

Of course labeling them from the start would be a good idea, but not everybody will be able to do that, I suppose.


It might be scriptable by using third-party solutions. This thread might be of interest: List annotations from a pdf and/or extract pages