Annotated Notes

Setting a probe out in case this is available, someone has a good idea or if this could be a new bigger feature in DT3. Basically I want to select pieces of text from any document type, open up a text window to write notes. These notes are then stored in the database connected to the document (or searchable) and could be shown or hidden. There are so many cases I want to annotate material without modifying it.

The closest I could think of is Notes in Pages or Microsoft Word (or similar document editors). The PDF annotation does not really cut as it only covers PDF and so far I didn’t have good luck using it.

Any suggestions? Meanwhile I could continue using Pages documents as the main doc format for bigger editing work and use it’s note annotation, however those are not searchable then.


You just described the Annotation file in Tools > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders.

I think that is for the whole file, right. Here’s how per line comments/notes work in Pages, when they are shown and the comments pane is opened. Otherwise they could be shown as popups or not shown in the document at all.