Annotating PDF+Text file kills searchable word layer

I have some pdf’s that show as PDF+TEXT when I import them (downloaded files, not scans). If I annotate and save, the searchable words become garbled (lots of boxes with X’s or just strings of numbers). I can re-convert and get searchable layer back, but then the file size increases by factor of 2 to 10 times and image quality is reduced (based on OCR settings). This relates somewhat to someone else’s post - can the Convert function optionally just create/re-create the searchable layer instead of re-imaging the document when no scan involved?

Using DtPO release 2.0pb7


Please send an example to cgrunenberg - at - plus some steps to reproduce this. In addition, which version of Mac OS X are you using? Because the resulting documents are created by Mac OS X’s PDFKit framework.