annotating PDFs?

I’m new to DT and am trying out DTP. Once I’ve got a PDF imported into my database, is there a way to annotate it? As in add comments, highlight sections, “bookmark” sections, anything! Because say I’ve got a 50-page PDF with some really important information on page 21 that I’d like to mark somehow.

Jason, you can open the PDF in Preview and add a text annotation to a page. The text (in OS X 10.4.7 and a bit earlier versions) will be searchable in DT Pro.

About editing documents in your database:

BTW, annotations made and saved to a PDF, whether the PDF file is externally linked (Index capture) or copied into the database’s Files folder (Import capture) will be displayed when you next view it in DT Pro.

That’s obviously true of Indexed, linked files, including Word documents. For Indexed files, there’s one-way synchronization from the file to the database.

It’s true for all file types that are copied into the database Files folder when Imported, including PDF, postscript, image, QuickTime media and “unknown” file types (note that one must set preferences to capture "unknown"file types, and since DT Pro can’t read them, you won’t notice the difference after editing and saving, except perhaps for file size in the Info panel).

It’s true for all text files that have been copied into the database body and are edited directly within DT Pro. It’s even true for HTM L and WebArchive files that are edited within DT Pro.

But it’s not true if an external editor is used to modify text, HTML or WebArchive files that are stored in the body of the database. Those files don’t exist in the Finder, and the Finder will be unable to save back into the body of the database any changes made (the Save command will send the file to a temporary file that’s not visible to the database). In such case, it’s necessary to use Save As to save the modified file to a location in the Finder, then that file must be Indexed or Imported anew.

And it is not true for Word files that have been Imported. Unlike other file types captured by Import, the Word files are not copied into the database but remain externally linked. There’s no synchronization between the .doc file and the database RTF text document. So if such a Word document is edited and saved, the database does not change unless the revised Word file is imported again. To edit a Word file it’s advisable to use the Launch Path command to open the .doc file in Word, as Open With will only open the RTF text in the database rather than the actual Word file. If you have used Launch Path, use the Save command when the edit is completed. Then the revised file should be imported to your database (if you wish, the earlier version can be deleted.)

Editing files will become much simpler in DT Pro version 2.0 (with the possible exception of Word files). That’s because all Imported file types (with the possible exception of Word files) will be stored in the database Files folder and will be accessible from the Finder.